A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, lived a Princess who – when she wasn't busy defending her people from dark forces – delighted in giant flowery hats, lacey gowns and being served large amounts of tea and cake by her robot servants.

 Princess Layer

Our "Princess Layer" collection is not only a display of our love for silly puns, but also our first go at the Classic Lolita style, based on beautiful lace fabrics and (as the name suggests) the principle of layering. This means that this collection is made up of all mix-and-matchable pieces to create dozens of different looks from: You can wear one of the blouses together with just the skirt, use the skirt as an underskirt to go with the JSK or add the overskirt as an additional layer to any of these combinations to create sophisticated and elegant looks. And of course the individual pieces will make perfect basics to go with all the Classic and Gothic Lolita items you already got at home as well.


The collection also includes our very first model of original Fluffy Tori shoes made of faux suede with an elegant cutout pattern and a big beautiful sateen ribbon. They have a small cone heel which will always look elegant while still allowing you to walk comfortably during all those visits to museums, promenades along the river and sightseeing tours of old castles and cathedrals.


The whole collection comes in two classic, universally combinable colours – black and ivory. Yes, you could say this collection has a Dark Side… Choose wisely – or simply get those beautiful items in both colours.


To see all items from this collection, click here. You will definitely not find its lack of grace disturbing. ; )