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How Fluffy Tori Pre-Orders Work

When we release the main pieces of a new collection, you have the chance to pre-order them, to make sure you'll get exactly the item, size and color you want.

When you pre-order an item, you will pay 50% of the full price with your pre-order and the remaining 50% once your item has been manufactured and is ready to be shipped. (Of course, you can also pay the full price right from the beginning so you won't have to bother with a second payment.)

Depending on various factors (pre-order period, number of pre-orders, production time for the item in question), the time from pre-order to actually receiving your shipment can take up to four months.

We make sure to note you in case there are any delays, changes of plan, etc. and keep you up to date on the status of your order.

Payment methods

We accept the following payment methods:
Bank transfer:

CCP 12-500039-5

IBAN CH25 0900 0000 1250 0039 5

Recipient address:
Spirit Fever Brands Sàrl
Avenue du Temple 14
1020 Renens

Bank address:
PostFinance Ltd
Mingerstrasse 20
3030 Berne

Credit card

Through Paypal to paypal@spirit-fever.com (+5% fees)

We do not accept checks.




Most of garment have shirring which allows a flexible fit. We also tend to publish the exact measurements of the garment. However, on most items we offer custom sizing. Please choose that option for a perfect fit.

Lost Packages

We are not responsible for the loss of the package if you have chosen a shipping option without a tracking number.

Washing instructions

Most of the articles have washing instructions written on the label. To better care to the delicate fabrics and prints, it is best to wash at cold temperature (maximum 40°) and allow to air dry (avoid the dryer). Hand wash is recommended for very delicate materials. Rubbing and use of too hot water can damage the fragile materials. 

It is not recommended to iron directly on the garment. If it is really necessary to iron, a towel can be inserted between the garment and the iron.