Sweet Dream Carousel

Every renowned Lolita brand has their own interpretation of the popular carousel theme, and so does Fluffy Tori.
Our debut collection is a celebration of the Sweet Lolita style. The print features cute little ponies, unicorns and pegasi
which will make the hearts not only of My Little Pony enthusiasts leap for joy, arranged in a carousel layout decorated with adorable
ribbons, bows, rose garlands and pastel-coloured stars.


The Sweet Dream Carousel border print comes in four girly colours
that the community picked in one of our surveys: Pink, Lavender, Purple and Saxe Blue.


The main pieces in the Sweet Dream Carousel collection are a OP dress, JSK and a skirt, all featuring that cute carousel pony print
as well as big decorative bows. We let Disney's Cinderella and her little crafty animal friends inspire us for the detachable ribbon decoration
that makes the OP a real eye-catcher.



No Lolita outfit is complete without the perfectly matching accessories, which is why we created a selection of hair accessories
including bows and a bonnet as well as the perfect pony tights and, of course, our collectable glittery pins to go with your dresses and skirts.
If you want to go one step further and decorate your home with this addictive print, you can even get it on mugs and make-up cases.



But hold your horses, there's more: Fluffy Tori is offering you the rare opportunity to get this enchanting print on one of our very unique printed winter coats!
Owning one of those will put a warm smile on your face no matter how cold the weather and truly make it your personal Winter Wonderland.



With so much love for detail, it was inevitable for us to create our own custom-made Fluffy Tori lace, too.
Any item you buy from this collection will feature our own exclusive bow or T-initial lace designs.


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